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Tropic of Cancer Read Ì 104 Ella Parigi degli anni '30 Una storia piena di alberghi modesti di stanze infestate dalle cimici di risse e di sbornie ricorrenti di emigrati di truffe e di postriboli ma soprattutto un'avventura umana di straordinario spessore un simbolico via. My fiction addictionHad lost all its frictionI needed raw meat but this new stuff was veggiePredictable safe and not bold tough and edgyI thought Tropic of CancerWould be the answerFor years it was bannedThroughout every landBut five c words per pageSuppressed masculine rageAnd tours of French pudendaWas his only agendaSo reading Henry MillerJust made me feel illerAnd illerAnd illerAnd iller

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Tropic of Cancer Read Ì 104 Ggio lontano da tutte le convenzioni alla scoperta della propria identità Apparso nel 1934 a Parigi il libro conuistò subito notorietà più per i suoi presunti contenuti pornografici che per il suo straordinario e innovativo valore letterari. Considering I often found this virtually unreadable I m amazed I got to the end reading every word First published in 1934 when undoubtedly it would have been shocking with its relentless lexicon of crude language including every racial slur out there and its insistence on referring to just about every woman as a ct It s a book in which men relentlessly revel in degrading women Miller deploys an Emerson uote in his foreword the gist of which is that new novels ought to take the form of autobiography and record experience truthfully But if this is an unfiltered expose of the male psyche then the male psyche is one ugly place I actually didn t buy the honesty ticket at all A lot of the time it felt like Miller was posturing He failed to get his early novels published and his bitterness and anger seems at virtually all times his source material In fact I found it s only when he isn t feeding his bitterness and cynicism that his writing excels there were some beautiful descriptions of Paris and I especially loved his appraisal of Matisse The rest of the time it often felt like the work of a brilliant mind moored to the emotions of an adolescent boyI recently read one of Anais Nin s journals She was a good friend of Miller s and I found lots of similarities between the two of them first and foremost the posturing the desperation to be taken seriously as artists as if underneath they were riddled with insecurities Like Miller Nin could be brilliant when she came out from behind her pose but ultimately I can t help thinking they were both essentially poseurs But what do I know This made it into the Guardian s top 100 novels I can only imagine the majority of voters were men

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Tropic of Cancer Read Ì 104 Romanzo in prima persona o meglio vera e propria autobiografia con il ritmo narrativo di un romanzo l'opera racconta con linguaggio fluidamente realistico la vita e le imprese dell'autore e dei suoi amici aspiranti artisti nei uartieri poveri d. So I was glancing through some of the reviews here and noticed that someone has totally disparaged this book because its hero is immoral It always bewilders me when people judge a book according to the moral judgment that they pass on its characters Like when I was looking at the reviews of John Updike s Run Rabbit and saw a woman saying that she hated the book because Angstrom left his wife twice in the book I was like don t take it personally lady he s not your husband A lot of people do it They ignore the book and get too tangled up in how likeable the characters are I really don t get this Someone should explain it to me Is Lolita a bad book because it s about a pedophile Should writers feel like their characters will be competing in a popularity contest in the minds of the readers Should we then only read books about angels floating happily in Heaven doing good things Aren t evil and immorality whatever they mean facts of life that should be dissected and explained by literatureI didn t bother with the morality of the hero I don t care if he slept with a whore and then stole her money and ran away Who cares Look at all that delicious writing instead all the ranting and raving of a tormented and brilliant mind and the brutal honesty of it I don t know why publishers still insist on marketing this book for its explicit language and breaking of sexual taboos in literature That s just so pass in an age when even pornography makes us yawn The beauty of this book lies somewhere else