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Read & Download Breaking Point 107 Business including his cool blond personal assistant firstTanya was not about to spend the rest of her life waiting for a man who thought another woman was important than his wi. Very intense read about infidelity and the devastation and destruction it creates I particularly liked that we got both POV s which is important given the dynamics of the plot I thought the heroine was well written A woman that is incredibly strong but can still succumb and be shaken by the passion she feels for her husband It s the passion love and chemistry that keep her fighting for her marriage But she is unwilling to compromise and accept less from her marriage She knows that chemistry alone won t buy her long term happiness The secondary characters were incredibleespecially Harry and her grandmother They really added to the dynamics of the story The best line in the book is when Grandma tells Rafes It has always been my opinion Bea said musingly that there can beworse kinds of infidelity than the merely sexual

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Read & Download Breaking Point 107 The honeymoon was overRafe had wanted Tanya the moment he saw her When he proposed she'd been deliciously happy happy to give up her job without a second thought and devote hers. Re Breaking Point Emma Darcy tells a story of the marriage in trouble with a 23 yr old flame haired h who is tired of being compartmentalized by her real estate tycoon husband into nothing than a convenient lurve club object while his real life takes place by the side of another woman who is also his employee and ten years older than the h This one is controversial in reader ratings some people see it as a cheating story while others see it as a lack of marital communication exploration I have views on this when don t I LOL But before I get into the spoilerization I am going to explain the origins of the word infidelity and hope that you keep that in the back of your mind as I dish the details on this bookThe word infidelity comes from the Old French infid lit where it was derived from the older Latin word infidelitatem which literally means unfaithfulness or disloyalty to a person originally this was meant as disloyalty to a ruler or an overlord but over time became associated with disloyalty to the vows with your spouse Most specifically the traditional marital contract in the wedding service that states What God has joined let no man put asunder So when the word becomes a part of the English language it literally means that an infidel is a person who has proven unfaithful to their vow and disloyal to their partner they have let someone else sunder the two shall be as one concept of marriage As the years progress and the language changes to our modern parlance infidelity commonly means that one spouse goes outside the relationship for their physical gratification But that is a common inference the original meaning of disloyalty to another person has not changed In whatever form that may be it is the disloyalty that creates a distance that is the act of infidelity not the form it takes This book opens with a very unhappy h she has been married for two years and it is becoming increasingly apparent to the h that she is a very distant second place in her husband s life He is very preoccupied with business and the lady who helps him run that business So much so that the only times the H and h are really together is in bed and she is a bit tired of being treated as an empty headed lurve object The H continually neglects to spend anytime that isn t in bed with the h he doesn t even bother to call home when he is going to be hours late any and when the h protests this treatment he just seduces her all over again The h is just as passionate as the H is so it isn t the lurve mojo that is the problem It is the fact that the H refuses to have children refuses to confide ANYTHING personal to the h and really uses the h as a responsive blow up doll that has her so agitated Especially since the H is all too willing to share and strategize with his lovely blonde co worker who treats the h with all the condescending contempt an adult has for a recalcitrant two year old AND this woman subtly influences the H to treat the h the same way The H isn t listening to the h about what she wants and needs AT ALL and worse yet he IS listening to what the Blonde Business Man Stealer tells him is wrong with the h This hurts the h cause she is a nice old fashioned girl who wants a marriage and a family and she is not stupid no matter how much the H believes she is She had a job that was a real researcher job for a television host and it involved serious brain power and the H made her give it up to be his married private boudoir toy A crossroads has been reached and the h isn t ashamed to fight for her husband and she is than ready to lay down the ultimatum either your business tart or me the H cannot have bothThe way the h intends to deliver this ultimatum is via a form she knows the H will understand she seduces him when he comes home from work and right before he is set to drag her out to a big business event where the OW is waiting to take her place at the H s side The h is hoping the H will put her first but of course he doesn t after he is all lurved up So the h is on to round two she will force the H not to leave her side by wearing the most seductive black gown since Jessica Rabbit showed up all decked out in red and the H is so worried that another man might steal a march on his possession that he doesn t leave her side This discommodes the OW who was all to ready to send the h off to mingle while she and her partner H did business battle on some property the H wants to develop Things take a dive tho when the man the H wants to do business with becomes really enad with the h and the H glowers in jealousy stoked by the OW as the potential business partner leads the h off to dance The h is disheartened cause she knows the H believes that the h wore the dress she has on not to keep him close but to entice other men The h is realizing that her hopes and her marriage are pretty much futile in the face of the implacability of the H and ED makes sure that the limited H POV we get reinforces the h s conclusions so the night ends with the h talking to her old boss in a chance meeting the H storming up and being obnoxious and the h taking his wallet to pay for a cab ride home but she ends up in a lonely hotel room instead When the h ends her night of soul searching over the dissolution of her marriage she takes a cab home from the hotel to find the H waiting This surprises her as she figured he would be done and dusted and back at work with his OW There is a violent forced seduction borderline rape scene and the while the h is happy that the H finally let go of his control around her she is pretty tormented that he felt he was justified in forced sex as punishment for his presumption of the h s infidelity the H believes she went out and cheated on him and we find out later that this assumption was planted in the H s head by the OWThe h is done with the H she is done being a doll and she is just plain done with the H s loyalty to the OW and not to her the woman he made vows to She moves home to her Grandma who is easily one of the best Grandma s in HPlandia ever and wins flower shows because she feeds her stunning plants water and Vegemite Grandma is very blunt very loving and very good at not trying to take sides or pimp the h out to her husband cause she married him Grandma won t let the h avoid confronting the H when he shows up but she doesn t force the h to be with him either and she takes neither side in the marital dispute nor will she tell the h what she should do she just lets the h figure things out for herself and I loved GrandmaIn fact the only comment that Grandma makes about the situation at all is when the H is complaining to her that the h has dumped him and Grandma comes out with this Your granddaughter is totally unreasonable he shot at her Possibly Bea said noncommittally I do wish you d sit down Rafe Perhaps you d like to talk to me about Niki Sandstrom No he seethed There is nothing to talk about It has always been my opinion Bea said musingly that there can be worse kinds of infidelity than the merely sexual Bea this is crazy This is neurotic imagining at its worst Bea sighed Rafe I m a simple woman with a very simple outlook on life I ve always found that things work out best if you keep to certain simple rules Right down the line And one of the first rules for a successful marriage is loyalty to your partner Total loyalty But the H storms off and the h goes back to her old job with her old boss and gets her sense of self and some confidence back Her newly divorced boss also has some very good advice about talking in marriage but he refrains from knowing any details and is just happy he has a great researcher back The h also stays at Grandma s and rejects the H s many roses he keeps sending After some serious h and H wrangling the h does accept an invitation from the H to visit his widowed mother and his nine brother s and sisters as they don t know the H and h have separated The H is like a god to his mother and he continually has to manage her and his brother s and sister s problems for them so it is really important that he not seem to be a failure in front of them and if the h doesn t go the H will feel that he isn t the strong person he needs to be for them This insecurity from the H gives the h a little bit of hope and she agrees she will do the supportive wife bit Tho that outing is almost torpedoed when the h smells the OW s perfume saturating the H s car and the H admits that he took the OW out to dinner and talked about his marital problems with her The h then explains to the really dim witted H that the OW is a rival and in love with the H She gives a point by point explanation of all she assumes the OW is doing things like being empathetic to the H s complaints about the h spilling her very expensive perfume in the car which most women are really careful about not doing cause that perfume is really pricey in the hopes of unsettling the h and letting the h know that the OW is close to her husband and the various other tricks the OW is using to split them up The h then has the satisfaction of seeing the H s look of shock as the h describes the OW s behavior perfectly and the H is wondering how she knew all that the OW did when he never said anything But the H refuses to believe the OW is coming between them he also refuses to believe that it is his continual demand that the h accept what he wants for her as opposed to what she wants for herself that is causing the disharmony between them The h loves the H but she isn t going to be boxed away into the running the housebeing a lurve toy at the H s convenience even tho he tells her she can have a baby The h does get a little insight to the H when she realizes that both of his parents made him responsible for their family when they were both too busy getting their groove on and basically made the H the provider and caretaker for the whole family and that this was really a heavy burden on the H but it also made him really dogmatic and demanding about him getting his own way When the H s father died and left his helpless mother and all his siblings behind the burden on the H became even heavier but everyone is grown now and the h is not just another burden to be cared for However the h also has the understanding that the H needs his role in the family for his own self esteem and that he can t stand to appear to need anyone else or tell her that he might have needs other than in the bedroom cause he believes that no one will meet them The h spends the day trying to show the H that she is a good partner and can meet his needs and be supportive but when his mother starts pressing about grandchildren the h realizes that the H probably doesn t want to have them and may never be ready to have them Aside from the OW this is another problem for the h cause she wants children a lot and to her a loving partner and a family are huge needs and goals for her life The H manages to surprise both the h and the reader after the day at his mother s He admits that he took it for granted that the h would just automatically want what he wanted and do what he told her to and feel how he wanted her to feel He also admits that he saw her as some sort of reward and not a person and then he asks if the OW weren t involved would things be different between them The h gently explains that as long as he sees her as a object and not a person their marriage isn t going to work and then she and the H go off on their ways both with a lot of things to think aboutThe h then discovers that she is preggers and she doesn t know what to do Her boss takes her to lunch with the business partner the H originally wanted to do a deal with and while they are there talking about a future interview with the man the h sees the H and the OW out having lunch too She and the H are cordial to each other and the H is surprised to see that his wife does have a brain for a business meeting he also finally realizes just how contemptuous and dismissive of his wife the OW really is and that the h was correct in her assessment that the OW has spent years being in love with him and has been actively working to ruin their marriageThe h doesn t know this she just decides that the H has made enough progress towards seeing her as a person and there is also the baby that she will go ahead and move back home There is a big lurve mojo filled reunion and then the h announces the impending stork arrival The H who accepted the OW s resignation earlier but hasn t told the h has one bout of total brain deadness and accuses the h of having a baby by another man because the OW told him that the h was with the other man who the H wanted to do a real estate deal with The h loses her temper in a HUGE way and tells him off and promptly falls down the stairs and knocks herself out in her rage that the H took the OW s word over her ownThe H panics and thinks the h might either miscarry or die she is unresponsive and unconscious and things get real clear for him in a real big hurry He loves the h madly and wants her to be happy and is now really really really sorry for being so blind and ignorant now that he might lose the h The h wakes up in hospital she hasn t lost the baby and the H is very remorseful and contrite The two of them really finally talk about what they want in the marriage and the H agrees to be compromising in his expectations and he explains that he finally caught on to the OW s manipulations and that she is out of their lives for good He also claims that he did not want the h to be tied down by children like he was with his brother s and sisters but the h explains that she was an only child and a few kids is her big dream So they both reaffirm that they love each other and will help each other live out their dreamsThe epilogue is the H and h s baby boy s christening and the h s old boss with the good marital advice has gotten an HEA of his own with the H s widowed sister and the H and h are talking and sharing and the h s grandma confides that the h s grandpa was a bit of a devil in bed himself So the h is stunned that her grandma knows so much about married passion things and she and the H sneak off to lurve it up for the big HEA I like this book a lot and I put it on the reuired HP reading list Whether you believe the H was unfaithful or not it is a really good look at building a marriage after the typical HP HEA and it has an h that really stands out from the HP typical virgin h prototype I think this one has a lot of good advice about marriage too tho it never becomes preachy or too introspective it does show a lot about how a good marital partnership should work and the H manages to redeem himself in the end so the HEA is absolutely believableAs to whether or not the H committed infidelity well I do believe he was unfaithful No he never wanted to go to bed with the OW but to me fidelity means loyalty and this H was patently disloyal to his wife every single time he put the OW first and when he took the OW s word for things instead of asking and trusting his wife The final seal on that decision was when he confided about his marital troubles to the OW over dinner I don t care how much you swear that you are just business partners when you confide your spousal woes to the very person that your spouse has declared a problem and they sympathize and degrade your spouse it is infidelity and you are a cheating slime swiller and deserve a skillet whack or twenty Other readers may disagree with this and I can see why they would say that My answer to that is that the standards for infidelity always reside with the two partners in the relationship any act which makes the other partner feel betrayed and diminished are for that partner to judge and this h obviously and clearly stated that she felt the H was disloyal and that he betrayed the marital vows as she understood them The h felt cheated on and it is HER standards that count No matter what the H says she is entitled to her feelings about the H and his actions and his other relationships and I totally support her right to accuse him and call a halt on that All too often in HPlandia an h is told that the H s actions are fine and she is wrong and I am totally not down with that People have the right to determine their standards for fidelity in a relationship and who cares what anyone else thinks If the partners can t find a common ground on that then the relationship needs to end and people need to find someone compatible If you are married or in a committed relationship and the other partner feels that a relationship you have is threatening your marital relationship it is your duty and obligation to listen and take your partner s concerns as a serious consideration You can act on it however you want but blind stubbornness or trying to tell the partner that they have no reason to feel as they do is never the answer in my worldview you are going to wind up divorced or broken up Your partner may be wildly jealous in your opinion or their feelings may have some merit but either way you need to listen and you need to act and you need to not belittle or diminish their feelings The H had to learn this the hard way here but he does learn it and that makes this book a great book on marital fidelity and a reuired reading for an HPlandia outing

Summary Breaking Point

Read & Download Breaking Point 107 Elf to decorating their beautiful new home in Sydney's most prestigious neighborhoodShe hadn't realized then that the only intimacy he wanted with her was in their bed Rafe put. TRIGGERSI have slept on it and I m just not going to rate this book I am just going to rantLet s be honest He rapes her There is no other word for it No point sugar coating it She decided to forgive him and move on just like many women did back when the story was written or even now may be good for them may be shame on them I don t know I don t judge But that s what happened RapeAnd this is where it stops being a romance novel for meOn top of that there was immense amount of emotional cheating and the hero hurting the heroine with his jabs She pointed things out in plain language yet he was stubborn and didn t agree to them because it made life a little inconvenient for himHe wanted a willing wife in bed who will keep her mouth shut but will also be madly in love with him Hell give her physical intimacy will tell her he loves her but not give her emotional intimacy But she s way above the colleague physically He s not ever physically attracted to ANYONE else so the OW can t blame him for leading her onThen he wanted his mistress on the side with whom he d share all the intellectual side and all the emotional intimacies and never ever sleep with her But she s way above the wife intellectually so the wife can t blame him of cheatingThis is a classic case of narcissism It was all about him He wanted two seperate woman In my honest opinion he was carrying out a bigamist relationship And that was revolting He just refused to see it I would have forgiven it if he couldn t see it but he refused to see itAnd because he is a narcissist when he s preferred way of life is threatened the first time he rapes the heroineThe second time he accuses the heroine of cheating on him and uestions the parentage of the child when he knows what he was saying was bullshitWhich resulted in the heroine almost losing the baby and ending up getting a concussionI m not even going to get into on how they dealt with the fact that the protagonist was a rapist and the grandmother may or may not have decided it was wicked in a good waySo they have worked out their issues They saved their marriage Good for them Very positive thinking However from where I m seeing this the heroine survived rape cheating allegations near death experience and close call to miscarriage To me this was a continuous chronicle of abuse and apologies I d personally run the other direction

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    [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy Re Breaking Point Emma Darcy tells a story of the marriage in trouble with a 23 yr old flame haired h who is tired of being compartmentalized by her real estate tycoon husband into nothing than a convenient lurve

  2. says: [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy

    [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy I enjoyed this one This is an interesting contrast to Lindsay Armstrong's The Director's Wife which I also read today Both are stories of a marriage in trouble because the wife feels she is only a sexual object and not an integral part of the hero's life outside the domestic realm What worked for me in this novel is that we get t

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    Summary Breaking Point [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy Emma Darcy ✓ 7 Read & Download I really enjoyed this The characters were grounded in our Earth dimension but it was very well done and I didn't mind I do sort of wish that we'd stepped into HP world to have an OTT scene of the OW being exposed and ridden out of town on a rail however it was a good sign for the Hh relationship when the H finally caught o

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    [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy TRIGGERSI have slept on it and I'm just not going to rate this book I am just going to rantLet's be honest He rapes her There is no other word for it No point sugar coating it She decided to forgive him and move on just like many women did back when the story was written or even now may be good for them may be shame on them I don't know I do

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    Summary Breaking Point [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Emma Darcy I don't know why people are saying this is a book about cheating There is no cheating in any form whatsoever The hero was definitely oblivious and stupid but never unfaithful I never doubted his love for his wife b

  6. says: Summary Breaking Point [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy

    [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy I have really see sawed on whether to read this book I started it and red flags uickly went up I have been perusing the reviews to get a better picture and I finally came to the conclusion that I should follow my instinctsview spoilerThough this book does not involved TECHNICAL cheating the husband does cross the line when unbeknownst to his wife he discusses his private marital problems and seeks the advice o

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    characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Emma Darcy [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy Very intense read about infidelity and the devastation and destruction it creates I particularly liked that we

  8. says: Emma Darcy ✓ 7 Read & Download [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy

    Emma Darcy ✓ 7 Read & Download [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy 4 12 Stars When Rafe asked Tanya to marry

  9. says: Summary Breaking Point Emma Darcy ✓ 7 Read & Download [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy

    characters ↠ eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Emma Darcy Emma Darcy ✓ 7 Read & Download Summary Breaking Point Breaking Point fulfilled all my expectations of enjoyablerawsexy romanceI had only planned to read one page and then return to writing my His

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    [Breaking Point] Free ò Emma Darcy Breaking point broke my heart Rafe is really married to two women One he shares his bed with the other he shares everything else in his life with including intimate details about his marriage to Tanya After two years Tanya finally calls him up on his behavior and issues an ultimatum to Rafe between her and Niki

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