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  • The Council of Dads
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  • 01 July 2019
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Read & Download The Council of Dads The Council of Dads Read & Download ¿ 104 Bruce Feiler Ù 4 characters I believe my daughters will have plenty of opportunities in their lives he wrote to these men They'll have loving families They'll have each other But they may not have me They may not have their dad Will you help be their dad The Council of Dads is the inspiring story of what happened next Feiler introduces the men in his Council and captures the life lesson he wants each to convey to his daughters how to see how to travel how to uestion how to dream He mixes these with an intimate highly personal chronicle of his experience b. This is how much a daddy is supposed to love his kids Makes me wish I had been blessed in that regard as there were so many times I could ve used a man s input and guidance in my life Truly beautiful the lessons this book teaches

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The Council of Dads

Read & Download The Council of Dads The Council of Dads Read & Download ¿ 104 Bruce Feiler Ù 4 characters Bestselling author Bruce Feiler was a young father when he was diagnosed with cancer He instantly worried what his daughters' lives would be like without him Would they wonder who I was Would they wonder what I thought Would they yearn for my approval my love my voice Three days later he came up with a stirring idea of how he might give them that voice He would reach out to six men from all the passages in his life and ask them to be present in the passages in his daughters' lives And he would call this group The Council of Dads. Bruce Feiler learns he has cancer and he and his publisher come up with an idea for a book He is worried about the lack of a father figure in his daughter s lives if he dies He reaches out to six men who know him best to ask them to step in for him in some way He goes back and forth between describing his friendship with these men and relating the events of the ensuing year his struggle with the disease and the effects on his familyThis book is stirring heart warming inspiring moving etc I can see this book as being helpful and meaningful to some people but I am old I ve read too many of these Wednesday with Morrie type things about wise perfect people and their courageous struggles and their supportive perfect friends and family There are too many other books out there that I d rather read I like them real andor down and dirty and imaginative I guess I m a bad person I will probably not be given any First Reads to review

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Read & Download The Council of Dads The Council of Dads Read & Download ¿ 104 Bruce Feiler Ù 4 characters Attling cancer while raising young children along with vivid portraits of his father his two grandfathers and various father figures in his life that explore the changing role of fathers in America This is the work of a master storyteller confronting the most difficult experience of his life and emerging with wisdom and hope The Council of Dads is a touching funny and ultimately deeply moving book on how to live life how the human spirit can respond to adversity and how to deepen and cherish the friendships that enrich our lives. I got this book and enjoyed it I had seen the story on Oprah or some news program and thought it sounded interesting though very sad The father was sick with a rare form of cancer and in the event he died he wanted to have 6 men who could together represent different aspects of his character or personality and advise his daughters I thought it was well written and very touching I especially enjoyed the letters he wrote updating his council of dads throughout the year during his treatment However the book seemed to skip around going from one memory to another how one dad was chosen to the next and I found it a little disjointed I think I would have enjoyed it if it had skipped around less Overall I would recommend it to people who are looking for an interesting book and a great idea whether the parent is sick or healthy it s always a great idea to have other adults in your kids livesparticularly for those kids whose parents may be out of town a lot such as children whose parents are in the military