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  • Method and Madness The Making of a Story
  • Alice LaPlante
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  • 09 June 2020
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READ Method and Madness The Making of a Story READ Method and Madness The Making of a Story 107 A Los Angeles Times bestseller wonderfully lucid and illuminating Alice LaPlante’s guide to writing fiction “recalls Francine Prose’s best. This book is not only well written one would hope so but fun to read It s not only a great textbook for beginning writers but a resource and refresher for not so beginning writers and I think the exercises on how to explode open your pieces will be very useful Each chapter ends with wonderful short stories and creative nonfiction pieces to illustrate each chapter s lesson and they were all a pleasure to read even the ones I d read before though finding new to me writings by John Cheever Akhil Sharma and Maxine Hong Kingston just to name a few was especially excitingThe only discouraging thing is that when I see minute typos and proofreading misses which are ever so minor that I almost hate mentioning them I always feel I am on the wrong path that I should work as a copy editor instead of trying to write

READ Method and Madness The Making of a Story

Method and Madness The Making of a Story

READ Method and Madness The Making of a Story READ Method and Madness The Making of a Story 107 Ion and creative nonfiction The book is perfect for writers working alone as well as for creative writing classes both introductory and advanced. I actually had an epiphany while reading this book This neon green book is large inviting and unintimidating loaded with incredible examples exercises and advice that will forever impact my writing and approach Oftentimes I have struggled with what to write about that looming dark confidence shrinking uestion However after reading LaPlante s advice I have completely moved past this uestion because of a few simple life changing paragraphs in this book In an essay titled How to Discover What You Have to Say A Talk to Students Skinner asserts that writing is a much complex act than simply transcribing existing thoughts into words as accurately as possible If this were the case the writer would be doing little than serving as a reporter of past thoughts and experiences already processed by the brain Instead Skinner argues that the physical act of writing is the cause not the effect of new and original thought and that any creative work that is not a journey of discovery for the writer will in turn bore readers It s like driving a car at night said novelist Robert Stone about how he copes with this uncertainty when writing longer pieces you can only see as far ahead as your headlights but you can make the entire journey that way Beginning writers find it difficult and painful to tolerate this state of not knowing Yet accepting it embracing it even represents an important step in a writer s creative development Good creative writing is almost always conceived in doubt and is fueled by an urgent desire to understand something that eludes understanding Thus the best writing is less about dispelling than acuiring wisdom less about explaining the point of a given experience to others than about exploring and learning about it oneself So what does one do with this information that not knowing and paying attention to personal mysteries leads to good creative writing First one learns how to recognize mystery Learn to understand when you don t understand Take note of it if possible literally by carrying a notebook with you emphasis mine pg67 68 I realized I have often approached writing as reporting hence I am The Reporter relaying facts However after reading this book I realized the beauty in pursuing writing as The Discoverer Hence discovering what you remember who you were at the time the meaning behind an interaction how you really feel about an interaction and discovering the implications of that interaction discovering what it all means This has completely opened a new door in my mind in writing And this is just one of the epiphanies I had while I was reading this book The Making of a Story is over six hundred pages and includes fourteen chapters with two exercises per chapter and one to two reading examples per chapter I won t go into every single detail because this book is put simply an incredible writing course in a book at the low low cost of 2195 It contains advice on showing vs telling character development plot dialogue revision and fiction vs nonfiction reuirements There are essays and short stories written by Joan Didion Joyce Carol Oates Tim O Bren John Cheever James Baldwin Anne Lammott Lorrie Moore Raymond Carver and many other excellent writers LaPlante covers many bases and has much to offer than simply great tips Backing her advice with exercises and reading excerpts with essays and examples the writing reader is truly challenged in their craft I know I was In addition the writing exercises were intriguing and I completed most of them And LaPlante is an excellent teacher Stunning actually This book is worth your money and may if you take her advice make you money in the long run

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READ Method and Madness The Making of a Story READ Method and Madness The Making of a Story 107 Seller Reading Like a Writer” Library Journal The Making of a Story is a fresh and inspiring guide to the basics of creative writing both fict. I have a whole bookshelf dedicated to craft books on poetry and prose fiction writing The last thing I need is another one But I came across this obscure book at the library and I was just amazed by it Its a big fat book as Norton books tend to be But its packed with genuine information not just pep talks This is not a popular book but its a very highly regarded book I think this must have originally been intended for college writing courses but its filled with exercises and you can use it without a teacher It breaks down each stage of the process from acuiring and recognising a viable idea down to the finished project It doesn t focus on the business end of writing so much as on the creative end I checked this book out so many times I finally decided If you love her put a ring on her and went out and bought it I d say a wanna be could buy this one book and have 98% of everything he or she will ever need to know about the writing of good fiction