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  • 15 October 2019
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review Boots Belts Berets Boots Belts Berets Download ½ 4 Cts life at NDA where boys become men of honour About The Author Eight years in the corporate sector after her MBA Tanushree Podder decided to follow the call of her heart and uit everything to take up writing An author of seventeen books with two on the editing table she has her hands full Boots Belts Berets is her second novel the first one being Nurjahan's Daughte. I accidentally discovered this as it was available for free on audible on republic day It gives a glimpse of what life inside the National Defence Academy is likeor was like The narrative is interesting enough to keep you hooked The camaraderie developed between the cadets a wide array of things they learn and the experiences they have makes you wish that you should have gone to the NDA Sure the day to day grind sounds grueling but what the cadets achieve in those 6 years is unparalleled Overall Boots Belts Berets makes for an interesting light read

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Boots Belts Berets

review Boots Belts Berets Boots Belts Berets Download ½ 4 And severe ragging cannot keep their spirits down for long Weaving yarns about imaginary girlfriends bragging about their escapades and sexual exploits they turn from greenhorns to tough soldiers United by their experience these comrades in arms form a bond for life Tanushree Podder in this tongue in cheek saga of youth camaraderie and growing up skillfully reconstru. A must read for all the defence aspirants Beautifully written giving you an insight to National Defence Academy its routine pranks played friendship and all the things that are still a mystery for the civilians story of 4 friends their survival as a teenager and eventually growing up to an officer

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review Boots Belts Berets Boots Belts Berets Download ½ 4 After leading a sheltered life for sixteen years Nikhil Bertie Randy and Maachh are thrust into the world of the National Defence Academy Soon they realize that life here is not just about spit and polish but six terms of adventure and achievement It is about soaring ambition and tough challenges a punishing regimen and endless Puttie Parades However rugged training. An amazingly written novel about life at the National Defence Academy set in Pune It follows the journey of a normal lanky teenager who aspires to be in army a thought that comes in almost any person s mind at some point in their lifeHowever he works towards his aim and moves on to train for the same Being from a completely civil background he has shown doubts for a few Defence terms in the start and finds himself using the same after a few terms at the AcademyThis book is a complete proof that life in the Academy has not changed It was the same as it will be even after fifty years If you are aspiring to be in NDA or happen to be an ex NDA then this book will leave you in splitsThe title might make it seem like a serious book about army but being a soda also I found myself falling off my chair laughing on the incidents described in the novelFrom the cribbing in the first term to the king like lives in the sixth term everything has been described in full detailIn short from getting down on Poona railway station to stepping on the antim pag the whole journey has been spectacularly compiled and compressed in 170 pages A must read for everyone out there who has somewhat a connection to this institutionAt last a moment of silence for those who saw me reading this novel and then asked me what NDA was