(Iron Palm in 100 Days) [E–pub] Ä Lee Ying–arng

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  • Iron Palm in 100 Days
  • Lee Ying-arng
  • en
  • 24 June 2018
  • 9781424328888

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Iron Palm in 100 Days

review Iron Palm in 100 Days 107 Laid out for you including the euipment use of herbal medicationspower exercises and training precautions After 100 days you will be able to test your iron palm against boards and bricks with incredible success In addition this book gives you a complete course o.

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review Iron Palm in 100 Days 107 N Iron Palm for Self Defense and covers pressure point striking and the fighting techniues used exclusively in the iron palm training method This book also includes a complete explanation of the Secret Discourse on the use of the Iron Palm by Shaolin Monk Poon Sh.

characters Iron Palm in 100 Days

review Iron Palm in 100 Days 107 This classic book explains the secrets of the ancient art of Chinese Iron Palm You will learn the training methods to develop the devasting power of the iron Palm You will be able to break anything by using internal energy Master Lee's 100 Day training Program is.