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  • Paperback
  • 320
  • Under a Firefly Moon
  • Donna Kauffman
  • English
  • 01 July 2020
  • 9781420149333

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FREE DOWNLOAD Under a Firefly Moon READ Under a Firefly Moon 100 READ ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê Donna Kauffman Of Wyatt Reed When he professed his love she was too young and foolish to know her heart After that he disappeared But when his beloved horse turns up on the auction block Chey makes a bid and wins than she bargained for Chey believed she was ready to face Wyatt again to explain herself But seeing the man he's become she's unsure Gone. Under a Firefly Moon is Book 4 in the Blue Hollow Falls Series I LOVE THIS SERIES Second Chance Trope is my favorite In this book we get to read about Cheyenne Chey and Wyatt s story who are seeing each other for the first time since they were only teenagers The characters are so well written and I love how strong independent and confident the female characters are They are not waiting around for the male characters to save them Blue Hollow Falls is a small town that I am in love with and is written in only the way that this author can fantastic descriptive writing in which the reader feels like they are actually there This romance is beautiful and heartwarming and I enjoyed every minute

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Under a Firefly Moon

FREE DOWNLOAD Under a Firefly Moon READ Under a Firefly Moon 100 READ ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê Donna Kauffman Is the uiet gentle boy she knew In his place is a rugged confident adventurer who's seen the world Yet the longer Wyatt sticks around the clearer it is that the feelings of their youth aren't so easily dismissed now that they're adults In fact the timing may be just right to make the dreams they've shared under a firefly moon come true. Modern romance set in the Blue Ridge Mountains The main characters are two people who were best friends until age 16 when the boy told the girl he loved her and she couldn t accept that It is now years later and both have grown and want the friendship backThe story shows how nature can be saved but still move forward The book was a uick easy read

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FREE DOWNLOAD Under a Firefly Moon READ Under a Firefly Moon 100 READ ¶ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ê Donna Kauffman Blue Hollow Falls may be a small Blue Ridge Mountain town but it's big on love and second chances When former barrel racer Cheyenne McCafferty left the circuit she left her past behind too Now as part owner of Lavender Blue farm she's content rescuing and rehabbing horses and growing a new business She's only got one regret letting go. 35 If you want me I m all in StarsWe return to Blue Hollow Falls and Lavender Blue Farm Tearoom for adventures with the Fearsome Foursome Chey McCafferty has been a solid presence in the previous books set around the ladies and their growing business but she s been the hardest nut to crack in relation to getting to know anything about her Under a Firefly Moon gives us that story and her a second chance at first loveWe come from the kind of life that most people could never understand Wyatt Reed know the Chey of old working the rodeo circuit together with her and her brother when they were younger they know and saw the best and worst of each other both have suffered hardships losses and have come out the other side the better for it whereas Wyatt s thirst for adventure has kept him looking forwards Chey s involvement with Lavender Blue and her horses has done the same for her reconnecting after so many years brings up a lot of the past that both of them had thought they had moved on fromYou know the me that no one else doesI found the first half of this instalment in the series a little slow going there seemed to be little movement in the plot and a whole bunch of internal monologue that said Vivi provided some light relief as things progressed and I loved seeing her get a little romance as well Wyatt and Chey as a couple were a great match and the story in general was enjoyable with plenty of inclusion of the rest of the BHF crewYou never lost me You couldn t lost me if you triedNot my favourite book in the series but still one worth reading as the characters in general and the second half of the story than made up for the slower start of this one for meARC generously provided by the author via Netgalley in exchange for the above honest review