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Free download à eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB è Darry Fraser Darry Fraser è 7 Free read Free read Daughter of the Murray 107 Ave decline Unaware that his father has been drinking his way through his inheritance he blames Georgina and Georgina decides she has no option but to leave Unfortunately she chooses Dane’s horse to flee on and when Dane learns she has stolen his prized stallion he gives chase From this point their fates become intertwined with that of a businessman with a dark. Like the Murray River itself the central motif of Daughter of the Murray South Australian author Darry Fraser gives us a tale that flows effortlessly for the reader but it s not without its snags and hidden obstacles for its hero and heroine Fraser does an excellent job of bringing the landscape vividly to life and touching on some of the late 19th century social issues in a way which is not heavy handed or preachy Another thing I appreciated was the way she eschewed a cliched villain and gave Conor Foley strong motivation so it was easy to sympathise with some of his decisionsThis is a very easy read and a great way to wile away an afternoon Daughter of the Murray reminds me of Nancy Cato s Australian classic All The Rivers Run and it sets itself up effortlessly for a seuel

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Free download à eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB è Darry Fraser Darry Fraser è 7 Free read Free read Daughter of the Murray 107 1890s River Murray Northern VictoriaGeorgina Calthorpe is unhappy living with her indifferent foster family the MacHenry’s in their crumbling house on the banks of the River Murray Unlike the rest of the family she isn’t looking forward to the return of prodigal son Dane With good reason Dane MacHenry is furious when on his return he finds his homestead in gr. Georgie Calthorpe had been living with her Uncle Tom Aunt Jemimah and cousin Elspeth at the homestead Jacaranda on the Murray River for the past few years and was terribly unhappy The house had fallen into disrepair the stock and grazing were negligible her only pleasure was riding the few remaining horses MacNamara and Douglas were the two she favoured though MacNamara was the one she rode most often But the day the son of the household Dane MacHenry arrived home after four years absence was the day it all changed for Georgie In view of Dane s anger at the state of the homestead and blaming Georgie for its decline she decided to flee But Georgie was an innocent and na ve young woman not used to the way of the country away from the security of the place she d called home Meanwhile Dane was livid to discover Georgie had fled with his beloved horse MacNamara He gave chase heading for Echuca where he was sure she would be holed up Conor Foley was an astute businessman who owned and ran paddle steamers up and down the Murray River delivering supplies to the outlying communities He also had his eye on Georgie for his wife What would happen when he discovered Georgie missing from her home And would Foley be able to fulfil his wish to marry Georgie and take her to his home in Melbourne Daughter of the Murray is set in country Victoria in the 1890s when women had no say and the suffragette voices were just beginning to be heard Aussie author Darry Fraser has chosen a beautiful part of the country for the setting of her historical fiction novel the Murray River and surrounding countryside is awash with birds and wildlife thick with bush and the river is peaceful and tranuil mostly I ve been there and love the area I didn t enjoy the first half of the novel as much as the second parts of the voice didn t seem to fit the time frame and didn t feel like a trait of the era That said I would still recommend Daughter of the Murray to historical fiction fansWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this copy to read in exchange for my honest review

Free download à eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB è Darry Fraser

Free download à eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB è Darry Fraser Darry Fraser è 7 Free read Free read Daughter of the Murray 107 Secret Conor Foley who offers Georgina apparent security a marriage with status in the emerging nouveau riche echelons of Melbourne But none of them could imagine the toll the changing political and social landscape would have on homes hearts and families Will Georgina’s path lead her into grave danger and unhappiness or will she survive and fulfil her destiny. In terms of writing style it is five stars Darry Fraser can certainly string words togetherFor me though I really disliked Georgina She was that combination of ignorance and pride that I really hate Always fighting the world like she knows what s going on while being completely ignorant And in her ignorance she made some really stupid decisionsAnd the whole romance between Georgie and Dane just didn t work Romance books often have people dislike each other at first while their bodies are saying yes heshe s the one but usually the head starts catching up with the body This didn t seem to happen They didn t really have any good moments together where they see each other s good sides They just fought Georgie never trusted Dane completely disliked him and fought him at every opportunityThey slept together and Georgie was certain it was just because he wanted the business and Jacaranda so she ran away He came after her and they slept together again and then she was once again certain he had bad intentions and went back to Melbourne It was only when she discovered she was pregnant that she went after him and they got married It didn t exactly make me excited that they were tying the knotThen we had the whole real dad turning up and by then I just wanted the book overI felt Fraser s intention was to support feminism but Georgie needed to be a better character for that to happen In this she comes across as a bratty teenager who really needs to grow up before being given any responsibility I m glad she didn t end up running the business because she really would have destroyed it It wasn t right for her but she stubbornly dug her heels in because she didn t like being told she couldn t do something