(E–pub/Pdf) Les Mains du miracle AUTHOR Joseph Kessel

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 416
  • Les Mains du miracle
  • Joseph Kessel
  • French
  • 22 October 2020
  • 9782070306459

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Les Mains du miracle Summary ☆ 104 Nte lutte Felix Kersten utilisant la confiance du fanatiue bourreau pour arracher des milliers de victimes à l'enfer Joseph Kessel nous raconte l'incroyable histoire du docteur Kersten et lève le voile sur un épisode méconnu du XXe sièc. it took one good person with no power nor influence except in his hands to change the world awesome read and instant hook 3

Summary Les Mains du miracleLes Mains du miracle

Les Mains du miracle Summary ☆ 104 Ents de sa profession et ses convictions le docteur Kersten consent à examiner Himmler le puissant chef de la Gestapo Affligé d'intolérables douleurs d'estomac celui ci en fait bientôt son médecin personnel C'est le début d'une étonna. Amazing true story of the private doctor of Himmler Hitler s righthand man He becomes Himmler s confidant while treating the debilitating pain that he often has due to intestinal problems He finds ways to talk Himmler out of plans that would have killed millions including forcing everyone in Denmark to walk to Poland resettling Denmark with Germans buying up the food on the French black market to starve the French and feed Germany blow up all of the concentration camps before the allies could find them and many others He also negotiates the release of tens of thousands of political prisoners and Jews sometimes one at a time and as groups An inside look at the madness of the Nazi regime and someone who gained their trust in order to temper their policies and had to survive at least one assassination attempt from zealots who didn t like the impact he was having Makes you wonder about other crazy plans that the Nazis had that we never heard about Could be a great movie someday BTW this is in French don t know if it has been translated

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Les Mains du miracle Summary ☆ 104 Biographie de Felix KerstenÀ la veille de la Seconde Guerre mondiale Felix Kersten est spécialisé dans les massages thérapeutiues Parmi sa clientèle huppée figurent les grands d'Europe Pris entre les principes ui constituent les fondem. There are two books that I ve read that have blown my mind and this is one of them It s written so well It s a view point I had never known about or considered It s about the relationship between Heinrich Himmler and his personal physician Felix Kersten It s an amazing story and everyone should know it Dr Kersten is an amazing human who took the most horrible job in history and turned it into a rescue mission I would highly recommend it