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Vows of Revenge Read & Download ↠ 104 Try aftermath of their lovemaking Melodie is catapulted back to reality when Roman reveals his true plansto ruin herSatisfying the longing in Melodie's entrancing blue eyes was a glitch in Roman's plan Co. This book was okay There was not much of a revenge for all the ominous title The evil baddies of the piece h s own dad and her step brother are pitiful and never in a position to jeopardize h or H Their real damage against h and H occurred before the start of the book and their ultimate downfall occurs towards the end and off the page almost as a footnote to the story I kind of like my baddies to get their comeuppance so I feel robbed of that here especially with that titleAs for H s misguided revenge against h that was a Great Big Terrible Misunderstanding that H almost immediately regrets and spends the rest of the book trying to make up for it For an HPlandia story with revenge as its purported theme it didn t exactly hit the markThe real crux of the story was the H s inability or rather refusal to open up emotionally to h despite obvious caring possessiveness and protectiveness over her Thank god h was no doormat and she was smart enough to realize she cannot rely on the fickle devotion of men and must get herself a career and not remain his complacent arm candy I thought the characterizations of both protagonists were uite good and they felt plausible but they were not exactly the over the top HPlandia characters that I find a wee bit entertaining Their love story was a bit on the sappy side for me what with all their childhood trauma and lift yourself up by the seat of your pants pluck It was an okay story for me and I can definitely see it appealing to a lot of people but I didn t LURVE it

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Vows of Revenge Read & Download ↠ 104 Nvinced she'd been sent by his enemy he intended to simply punish her Except it seems that Melodie was innocent and now Roman's plan takes a different turn Could his vows of revenge become vows of marriag. Color me shocked as heWhat an excellent job from Dani Collins I ve come off a run of dreadful tropey tstl heroes heroines and ridiculous plots I may be a teensy over generous with four stars but maybe notMelodie is the product of a too delicate and dead mother and a total ratfink father Dad is such a ratfink that when the Roman the H finds out who Melodie is he assumes she is there to steal classified software something or other Something her brother and father did years back that almost broke him He plots his revenge of getting her fired from a wedding consultant job and evicted from her apartment thinking she ll run home to daddy He doesn t take into account the chemical reaction that pops them both in bed Yes here we are aswim in a sea of HarleyLand tropes but it passes uickly and we get to the real deal Rather than basking in the afterglow of awesome sex Roman says some pretty unforgivable and cruel things Guess whatGUESS THE EVER LOVING WHAT SHE DOES NOT FORGIVE HIM I mean wow man I was so excited A Harley Land heroine that sasses back Guess what again He tracks her down a few months later because he figures out he was the second third biggest horse s ass the first two being her father and half brother and he s worried she may be in a state of trope 3 pregnant Not only is she not pregnant she turns him away again AWAY AGAINOf course the glow of electric sex can not be denied and the two reluctantly end up in a relationship of sorts Melodie is much self aware of her needs in the relationship and what she gets from Roman who is a pretty shut down guy and with good reason She evaluates what they have and how it works for her right now she balances the good with the potential bad of the relationship ending Roman is a true guy in that he doesn t know what the hell is going on except he sure does like having Melodie around and turns into Mr Cranky Even More Shut Down Pants at the thought of her NOT being around He is also very protective of her which leads to some amusing moments A very solid romance with some let me get my fan girls S T E A M Y and emotion laden sex scenes Hubba da hubba

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Vows of Revenge Read & Download ↠ 104 Revenge never tasted so sweetCalm and controlled Melodie Parnell has always wanted to experience insatiable passion She thinks she's found it in the bed of sinfully attractive Roman Killian But in the sul. Not your usual revenge story The h had a backbone and a sweet disposition and the ability to get back up when life knocked her down She had three different jobs during the course of this story and any one of them could have been a career avenue for her because she was that capable The hero had a good reason to hate her family her father and half brother stole his computer program and all means of livelihood and to be buttoned up emotionally foster kid The heroine had an eually good reason to always look on the bright side because she had learned these coping skills and the dangers of succumbing to negative emotions because of her mentally ill mother So yeah these were thoughtfully drawn charactersThe first part of the story is their explosive attraction the hero s need for revenge and how he ultimately ruins the heroine s career after one night in bed view spoilerThe second part is his remorse and her capitulation which ends up getting her fired from yet another career path The hero makes it up to her by having her travel with him and gifting her with a camera They have an uneasy few months together and then the heroine realizes she can make money taking photos for rich people He lets her go and regrets it The last part of the story is the hero learning to open up with the help of his foster mother and winning the heroine back hide spoiler