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Circling the Sun characters ↠ 4 Paula McLain ´ 4 review review Circling the Sun Adent bohemian community of European expats who also live and love by their own set of rules But it’s the ruggedly charismatic Denys Finch Hatton who ultimately helps Beryl navigate the uncharted territory of her own heart The intensity of their love reveals Beryl’s truest self and her fate to fl. This makes a great companion read with Beryl Markham s memoir West with the Night which is about growing up on a horse farm in colonial Kenya in the early 20th century At age four her mother left the family to return to England and Markham grew up with a lot of self reliance learning to do hard farm work and playing mostly with Masai tribal children She succeeded in becoming a successful racehorse trainer and later a bush pilot the precursor for her achievement in the 30s as the first woman to fly across the Atlantic from east to west The wonderful vignettes about key points and epiphanies in her life in the memoir is well complemented by this linear narrative account of her story At first I was disappointed on how pale this version was when it covered the same events But it made up for it by filling in the blanks left by the memoir and the fullness of her as an imagined person came alive for me as the novel spun her trajectory out in an emotionally engaging way not possible with the crafted and abstracted perspective of a retrospective autobiography Many may object to the enterprise of biographical fiction from the start What chutzpah a writer must have to try to create a simulacrum of a real person to project their feelings and thoughts and make up dialog and actions for her and others in her life based on the slimmest of outlines Often in historical fiction real people in history are just window dressing to enhance the reality of the fictional characters In other cases history is being enacted as a play and the portrayal of important figures as a center in the drama can represent a legitimate theory for how they came to contribute to significant events in history For such a golem to rise out of the pages as recognizably human the author needs to take chances and contrive the blood and guts and the confusion and despair that real life is full of Often McLain seems too respectful of the real Markham to make up such elements with believable lusts and rages and jealousies and she comes off as bland That turned out to only be a first impression But after 100 pages or so that feeling went away of her character took flight for me Beneath that stoic and brave exterior and moderated expression we can feel her passions and the sense of her foundation in the grace of understanding by three people her father the Masai Kibii Ruta as a man and sometime lover Denys The achievement was less about creating the real Markham and about midwifing an imagination of how someone like her could emerge as a special product of this place and time with seminal influences from family and friends How someone like her could acuire the capacity to meet and surmount the challenges she faced and become someone so ahead of her time as a woman not bound by the constraints of roles set for gender class and race In her play with the Masai children she made a special friend with a boy Kibii learned to compete and hunt with him using spears and gained a respected identity and tribal name from his father Much later as an adult drinking in a club in the village that was Nairobi she could make a story of herself for others Before Kenya was Kenya I threw a spear and a rungu club I loved a horse with wings I never felt alone or small I was LakwetSomething in McLain s writing that really sings for me is her vision of how she came to see the tragedy of abandonment by her mother as an important wellspring for Markham s character Gradually it became harder to remember my mother s face things she had said to me days we had shared But there were many days ahead of me They spread out further than I could see or wish for the way the plain did all the way to the broken bowl of Menengai or to Kenya s hard blue peakIt was safer to keep looking forward to move my mother to the far edge of my mind where she couldn t hurt me any or to imagine when I did think of her that her going had been necessary A kind of forging or honing my essential test as LakwetI am huge fan of stories that capture how the place of one s origin shapes our identity The continuation of the cited passage from early in the book rises high on my pleasure meter This was certain I belonged on the farm and in the bush I was part of the thorn trees and the high jutting escarpment the bruised looking hills thick with vegetation the deep folds between the hills and the high corn like grasses I had come alive here as if I d been given a second birth and a truer one This was my home and though one day it would all trickle through my fingers like so much red dust for as long as childhood lasted it was a heaven fitted exactly to me A place I knew by heart The one place in the world I d been made forMarkham was unlucky in love When drought and impending bankruptcy forces her father to plan a move to Capetown she makes the mistake of marrying an older man at age 17 as a ticket to staying in Kenya Unfortunately he turned out to be a violent drunk She manages to break away and survive as a horse trainer She makes a valuable friend with Karen Blixen a charismatic coffee plantation owner later known to the world through her book Out of Africa Her example as a married woman unafraid to have affairs gives her courage to try out her own forays of the heart while pressing for a divorce But her most persisting love was for a man she couldn t have one Denys Finch Hatton an adventurer and safari guide who also was the love of Karen s life The very ualities of a wild independent spirit that they both loved made Denys as one who wasn t for having I hadn t loved him any perfectly and I understood that fondly We had both tried for the sun and had fallen lurching to earth again tasting melted wax and sorrow Denys wasn t hers or mine He belonged to no one and never hadEventually she finds love with a different sort of man a gentle and wealthy aristocrat from England who claims a desire to fulfill her ambitions to have her own horse farm in the land she calls home But on a visit home with her and their infant son he changes his mind under the influence of his dominating snobby mother The scenes with her visiting her son telling him stories of Africa and promising to show it all to him someday were particularly moving for meThe transition to becoming an aviator comes late in the book The connection to riding dangerous unruly stallions is not hard to make Despite the experience of a number of friends dying in airplane crashes she can t resist the opportunity of learning to fly from her friend Tom I loved McLain s account of her affinity for this new challenge and way of seeing the world It does seem like pure freedom I told him If you can forget the risk that is The fear never completely goes away It makes everything sharper Tom kept us up tracing a wide circle over our valley towards Njoro to the east and Molo to the north The tipoff the wing was like a bright silvery wand Watching it I felt a whisper of hope and something like redemption It wasn t God I saw at this height but my rift valley It stretched in every direction like a map of my own life Here were Karen s hills the flat shimmer of Nakuru in the distance the high ragged lip of the escarpment White bellied bird and red dust Everything I d lived through lay unfurled below me every secret and scar where I d learned to hunt and jump and ride like the wind where I d been devoured a little by a good lion where arap Maini had stopped to point at a clover leaf shaped print in the drying mud saying Tell me what you see Lakwet This valley was than my home It beat in me like the drum of my own heartI have come to believe that fiction can often be true than non fiction What can we really know from all the poses and roles that people from real life leave behind in letters or memories of those around them After going through a couple of divorces I ve learned clearly how people have to compose simplified stories to make sense of their own complicated lives Maybe this book doesn t help me know the real Beryl Markham but I am happy with a potent version of someone very much like her The short version of her life as she ponders future challenges rings as true to me or at least as a truth I would survive them the way I had long ago when my mother boarded a train and became smoke The tribe had found me then and given me my true name but Lakwet was only a name after all I had forged her myself out of brokenness learning to love wildness instead of fearing it I thrive on the exhilaration of the hunt charging headlong into the world even or especially when it hurt to do itMy thumbs had to go up from the homage McLain made to Beryl s memoir in her afterword The story is recounted how its publication in the 40 s made only a blip in readership and disappeared from common sight until republication in the 80 s McLain argues against accusations that Markham s husband who was a ghostwriter might have been the true author I also appreciated her acknowledgement of serious mysteries about her inner life while at the same time expressing amazement of how much she got into channeling Beryl Beryl was undoubtedly complicated a riddle a libertine a maverick A sphinx But strangely when I was writing her character and pitching myself deeply into her world she became knowable and familiar to me in some ways than Hadley Hemingway in my novel The Paris Wife

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Circling the Sun characters ↠ 4 Paula McLain ´ 4 review review Circling the Sun Nding of nature’s delicate balance But even the wild child must grow up and when everything Beryl knows and trusts dissolves she is catapulted into a string of disastrous relationships Beryl forges her own path as a horse trainer and her uncommon style attracts the eye of the Happy Valley set a dec. Paula McLain s writing is so vivid and cinematic I felt I was right in the story rather than reading it In this book a fictional biography of Beryl Markham I could play alongside Beryl and her young companions be involved in training horses alongside Beryl and fly the Atlantic from England to the East coast of North America I could adventure on safaris rub elbows with royalty and experience the anguish and joys of love marriages and lovers I could feel a yearning for Africa her vast spaces Technicolor sunsets and stars that seemed like they wanted to perch on my shoulders Beryl Markham led an extraordinary life and Paula McLain s writing captures it all serving it with the flourish of a master chef This book is a beautiful banuet of descriptions and characters that are so real you can savour them on your tongue long after the banuet is overThis is a banuet you will not want to miss as it ignites all your senses and satisfies while leaving you wanting

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Circling the Sun characters ↠ 4 Paula McLain ´ 4 review review Circling the Sun Brought to Kenya from England as a child and then abandoned by her mother Beryl Markham is raised by both her father and the native Kipsigis tribe who share his estate Her unconventional upbringing transforms Beryl into a bold young woman with a fierce love of all things wild and an inherent understa. Beryl Markham is a flawed character certainly probably as flawed as the real person that this fictional autobiography is based on and as flawed as most of us but I could not find a flaw in the way this story was told The writing from the first sentence describing her plane the one she flew across the Atlantic is mesmerizing and then moves to the unbelievable descriptions when she first arrived in Kenya as a little girl and in the days beyond simply beautiful writing I read an advanced copy and the publisher at the beginning reuests that you not uote anything until comparing to the final version so I won t But I really wish I could so I could give a little sense into how lush and descriptive the writing is that makes you feel as if you are standing there on that farm in Kenya or can feel what Beryl is feeling and convince people that they should read this bookAbandoned as a young girl by her mother who leaves Beryl and her father to return to England Beryl forms a bond with her father and begins a life long love affair with Kenya She becomes an amazing independent woman a horse trainer in a world dominated by men and later an aviatrix flying solo across the Atlantic Her independent spirit fostered by her aloneness as she ran wild as a child and which couldn t be tamed by school by her father or her husbands is beautiful to see I have to say Of course the book s focus is Beryl but there are many other fascinating people many of whom are expats and the relationships they have to each other many of which are extramarital Everybody seemed to be in love with someone other than their spouse And some men with multiple women as in the case of Denys Finch Hatton But that was life in this tight Kenyan community So many free spirited people or careless depending on your perspective It s heartbreaking at times but oh so uplifting at others You may not agree with everything Beryl did but what a life what strength what motivation to do what she wanted to doIf you loved Out of Africa the book and or the movie you will be enthralled You ll see the same beautiful and wild Kenya and meet again with Karen Blixen and Denys Finch Hattan I wish I could do justice to the wonderful story telling and writing by Paula McLain The author notes that Markham wrote a memoir called West With the Night and I look forward to reading itThank you to Random House Publishing Group Ballantine and NetGalley