[The Relic Guild] E–pub â Edward Cox

  • Paperback
  • 400
  • The Relic Guild
  • Edward Cox
  • English
  • 19 July 2018
  • 9781473200302

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The Relic Guild review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Magic caused the war Magic is forbidden Magic will save usIt was said the Labyrinth had once been the great meeting place a sprawling city at the heart of an endless maze where a million humans hosted the Houses of the Aelfir The Aelfir who had brought trade and riches and a future full of promise But when the Thaumaturgists overlords of human and Aelfir alike went to war everything was ruined and the Labyrinth became an abandoned forbidden zone where humans. It s a really good debut fantasy bookI enjoyed the story and the way it is told It shift continuously between now and past when everything was ruinedEdward Cox knows how to engage the reader with the storyThe relationship between current Relic Guild members is processed very good Old man Sam Picky young Clara unsure about her powers and a little confused in the new world she has been dragged into and Van Bam the wise calm Resident of the Labrys town oh vilains you hate them but at the same time admire them for their intelligenceBest of them angry and crazy Thaumaturgists

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The Relic Guild review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Inth Clara learns that magic serves a higher purpose and that some myths are much deadly in the flesh The only people Clara can trust are the Relic Guild a secret band of magickers sworn to protect the Labyrinth But the Relic Guild are now too few To truly defeat their old nemesis Moor mightier help will be reuired To save the Labyrinth – and the lives of one million humans – Clara and the Relic Guild must find a way to contact the worlds beyond their wal. A promising steampunky fantasy debut It took me a while to get into the story and find my way into the world but I uickly found myself intrigued by the present and past storylines getting sucked in deeper with each subseuent chapter Great characters and fascinating worldbuilding I m eager to see where the story goes from here

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The Relic Guild review Ï PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Were trapped behind boundary walls a hundred feet high Now the Aelfir are a distant memory and the Thaumaturgists have faded into myth Young Clara struggles to survive in a dangerous and dysfunctional city where eyes are keen nights are long and the use of magic is punishable by death She hides in the shadows fearful that someone will discover she is touched by magic She knows her days are numbered But when a strange man named Fabian Moor returns to the Labyr. Once in a long while a book comes along that changes everything A paradigm shifting book that effects everything around it THE RELIC GUILD is such a book Such never before read crapness a total void of writing talent and chaotic thought spew has permanently altered my conception of bad writing bad book and just how totally ST can a piece of writing be Edward Cox is an author whom all others authors are seriously indebted to They should tithe him or something He has sunk the bar of writing so low that much previously degraded and ridiculed work now has space to breathe Every book that I have rated one star until now just rose magically and effortlessly up to three stars through the power of the sheer awfulness of this unbelievably bad bookBy writing such a failure of the mind as THE RELIC GUILD Edward Cox has given me a rare gift a curative to my cynicism Everything I read from now on will not seem as bad as it otherwise could have thanks to this deep valley of utter drivel that has appeared in my reading landscape with an earthuake fissure Well done Mr CoxBy awarding THE RELIC GUILD one star I mean only and exactly one thing this is a piece of dog st pretending to be a book and smells exactly as it should The overwhelming and shattering poorness of this book will change your life