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  • Scented Gardens for the Blind
  • Janet Frame
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  • 08 August 2018
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Scented Gardens for the Blind Read & Download ¿ 104 R muteness and that once she is cured she will make a statement crucial to humankind The novel twists in the last chapter to reveal another surpris. This is the sort of novel you immediately want to read all over again once you come to the end Poetic sad strange and absolutely wonderful

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Scented Gardens for the Blind Read & Download ¿ 104 Erlene lives silently inside her mind communicating only with imaginary Uncle Black Beetle Her parents believe that she can and must be cured of he. I loved this book It is poetic surreal at times very strange mesmerizing and beautifully written It is a book about the senses a book about madness emotions communication it is a lush fantasy a garden of words grown for the human condition I ve dog eared multiple pages underlined several passagesand had to stop A very curious bookuncommon

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Scented Gardens for the Blind Read & Download ¿ 104 Ing world where Vera struggles to make the first statement and only through the fracturing of silence by her new language can she escape her prison. Scented Gardens for the Blind is the fourth novelshort story collection I have read authored by Janet Frame I do not know why I enjoy her books so much They are written in a multitude of styles all within the same volume at times lyrical utilizing a combination of poetry and poetic prose at times a stream of consciousness style with run on descriptions a compendium of metaphors and similes and at times straight forward with a firm grasp of narrative style Usually I would dislike this mish mash of styles but Frame makes it work As in her previous books her characters deal with madness and no one does madness better than Janet Frame Sorry you Sylvia Plath fans Frame has a rare ability to make the reader feel her character s madness and perhaps that is why her disparate styles seem to work Frames novels are not light reading as the reader will have to pay attention as they read but it is worth the effort an enjoyable trek through some literary madness An aside if reading the George Braziller Inc published edition do not read the story notes on the back cover For some reason they chose to reveal the conclusion Slightly irksome