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Refuse AUTHOR Elliott DeLine Free read Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ‘All writers are born in the wrong body but it happens to be the reader’s good fortune that Elliott DeLine was literally born in the wrong body – even if he would never use a tacky tranny cliché like that Refuse is a stunning debut “novoir” about an over observant young outsider with really great hair who is outside everything – including the transgender communi. This was generally an enjoyable read but suffered from a lot of structural and grammatical problems which could have been easily prevented if DeLine had bothered to hire a copy editor The cover photo was low uality and pixellated which gives the whole thing an unprofessional juvenile appearance DeLine didn t seem to have a whole lot of respect for the book itself while also seeming to think of himself as the writer of a contemporary ueer classic That s actually the problem I had with the writing too it s simultaneously pretentious and self deprecating just like the main character himself Overall I don t regret reading it but it could have used some serious editing and it failed to expand on some potentially interesting plot lines and characters like Adrian and Teddy Actually every character could have used attention with the notable exception of Dean who I got really tired of But I m glad that trans literature is getting some new perspectives and voices

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Refuse AUTHOR Elliott DeLine Free read Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook E upstairs bedroom of his parents’ house he decides to document his would be relationship with his college roommate another FTM Colin Mahr He sets out to write a vengeful memoir what he ends up with is a literary masterpiece 'Refuse' stands apart from the feel good transgender memoirs and the fiction about trans people written by non trans authors It is an honest human sto. i love love LOVED this book I literally keep thinking about it and I wish it was longer to keep reading I don t want to let go and say bye to Dean I just absolutely loved everything about this book the writing style kept me wanting to read I loved the sarcasm the uick witted come backs and just the way i was kept engrossed into the story and couldn t put it down And there were some moments where it had me uestioning life and society Also I m from North Syracuse as well and i just kept getting excited reading a book where my hometown was the setting Reading this made me miss Syracuse But anyways now on to the characters I loved Dean and i enjoy well developed characters with flaws and seeing them try to work through issues and just figuring out their problems Yes Dean was deeply flawed but that s what i liked about him He felt real Now as for Colin hmmm i started out liking him but then he kept toying with Dean and it was so frustrating seeing him use and just toy with Dean s emotions and when he didn t even walk Dean back to their Dorm after that party I was just like the fuck dude I don t know it just seemed like Colin gave Dean the time of day when it convinced him But aside from that Colin s character was pretty cool when he wasn t drinking that is Gosh I m trying to think of other reasons i liked him but i guess the way he treated Dean is clouding my perspective All said and done i really really enjoyed reading this book and it will definitely stick with me always

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Refuse AUTHOR Elliott DeLine Free read Î PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ty – but keeps a great deal bottled up inside Funny cynical tough vulnerable honest deluded sagacious self loving and self loathing Refuse is irresistible’ Mark Simpson author of Saint MorrisseyDean a 22 year old female to male transsexual is everything that activists have tried to prove transgender people are not Unemployed self absorbed depressed and still living in th. Dean s Holden Caulfield attitude got on my nerves a whole awful lot but the further I got into the book I started to disregard it and it began to bother me less because I was getting wrapped up in the story Based the first person pieces throughout the book I could tell that none of this was going to end all that well My review is probably going to be a random assortment of what I thought of all the charactersFirst TJ I m so so glad that he was shown as such an annoying character People like him drive me fucking crazy Like Dean and Craig had discussed he had such a juvenile attitude when it came to ueer people and community the whole reclaiming of words like tranny fag etc I just can t stand people like that and I m glad that for once a character with that attitude isn t the best friend of the protagonist The kind of guy that tells you that as a trans person if you re not comfortable with yourself you re Body Shaming yourself and if you don t care too much for such over the top in your face ueerness you re oppressing the ueer community Next Colin I liked him a lot at first but he began to infuriate me and throughout the book I feel pity for him kind of because of how much he s in denial of himself Something tells me that once he gets married to Maggie or if he ever does we ll never know he ll regret it and end up looking around for other trans men or cis men With all of his forget about everything I said last night because I don t remember any of it excuses my heart was breaking along with Dean s I m happy that at the end Dean finally stood up and said no to his outrageous behavior to him and Craig I also was really irritated with his hypocrisy about how at the start he said he didn t want to be a ueer role model musician but then ended up caving in to the pressure AND THEN trying to make a gimmick out of his music by inviting Dean Colin pardon me just go fuck yourselfMaggie I think she definitely had a transman fetish It blew my mind how Colin kept going back to her It s obviously not meant to be He even admitted himself that she fetishized him I can t stand her I m glad that she from what I understood at least and Dean didn t remain friends after everything She and Colin can go live in a land of denial togetherI really really liked Craig s character I was hoping that he and Dean would become of an item and I d like to think that after the book that happened somehow I was hoping they would bond over the ways that Colin had screwed them both over but it appears they never brought it up all that much Craig may not have been a very good songwriter from what we understand but he was a really great person Again I m very proud of Dean for standing up for him Vivian I wish that she and Dean were able to reconcile but at the same time I m kind of glad that they didn t They always have that in a book where the protagonist and his best friend get into a dramatic fight but somehow they end up being friends again Let s face it that hardly actually happens in the real world if you screw someone over In general I really love how real this book was with your friendships and relationships to others Vivian was justified to her anger towards Dean Of course there were a lot of other characters but these are all the thoughts I felt like sharing about the characters I thought really mattered and if I wrote about the others I don t think I d have much to say Needless to say I really really enjoyed this book with its ups and downs and I felt a lot of emotions and it all flowed really nicely I could have done without some of the first person paragraphs because some of it got oldrepetitiveHolden Caulfield really fast but other than that everything was most definitely enjoyable